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LnL O-5

September 27, 2009


LNL Outfit 5 was born with a bit of experience after doing the outfits before it. It is a new approach to the texturing of the UV map includying all the shadowing layers and incorporating a highly detailed creases layer. This outfit is the first in the LNL Outfit line to start incorporating accesories in the box to compliment the fit and look of itself and the addon comodity of having its own Flexi parts and accesories for Men and Women separately, a comodity that has since this creation being a must in the LNL policy. The outfit contains Jacket, Shirt, Pants (modifiable to wear with shoes or boots), Spiked Armband and of course the Flexi Bottom Coat. All LNL products are designed to be fully wearable by both men and women making it totally Unisex.

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