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LnL O-26

December 13, 2009

Outfit 26 is quite unique! It brings us to the piraty world with a mixture of roughness and elegance. The outfit includes a top (worn as a shirt) with an amazing texture in dark tones, pants (mod to be adjusted to the shoewear) and beautiful gloves. We are very happy with the extras we present to you! A pair of buckled pirate boots with a wonderfully realistic cuff, a beautiful cravatte with a laced flexi finishing decorated by an elegant brooch, a very cool tricorn hat ornamented with two feathers, a delightful parrot worn on the left shoulder, an amazing pirate cutlass with a flexi element and the final piece, a magnificent holstered flintlock pistol! Simply amazing! By combining the different elements, you will have numerous rich looks!A special thank you to Es0 Torok, Minsha Little and Perfect Wirefly for their assistance with some of the elements of the outfit. In the product box, you will find information on the location of their stores! Enjoy the outfit!

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